PDF Reporting

Generate reports and export to keep offline records or for your own reference.

Performance Based Charts and Graphs

Wide selection of data based charts and graphs to provide a graphic representation of past and present performance.

Easy to use interface

Interface is designed with ease of use in mind, taking on a more modern simple way to design and lay items out, This makes our user interface easy and effective.

Affiliate Program

You too can be part of the WAMfolio product! Simply read the terms and conditions, sign up and distribute. With generous revenue rates from each sale, your earnings are up to you, what are you waiting for? Join the affiliate program today

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3rd Party Integration

3rd party integration such as Google analytics and Google Adsense, now you can accurately track your increased revenue against your asset value. Import the data easily and simply!

Expense Management

Easily keep track of your expenses such as hosting, domain renewals or one of costs. WAMfolio allows the tracking and assigning of these expenses to the asset.

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Client Management

Store client information with the simple but effective client management feature.

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Digital Product Management

Keep track of any scripts or digital products (zip format). These are stored securely onto the WAMfolio and allows easy access via the digital products section