WAMfolio Release

WAMfolio has been released! This update is a culmination of months of development and the work of the whole team, we are excited and proud to bring this release to you.

The are several notable improvements with this release for all users of the system.

Assign Expenses

We have introduced a new way to assign an expense to a domain record, this allows you to track expenses against records in the system. It is located under the newly designed extended expense screen, after an expense has been raised.

Expenses > Click Expense Name (this will take you to the extended expense screen)

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You can assign this to any domain record that is in the system, with search facility for quick selection of a known record.

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The data from this is also now used in a brand new reporting section for expenses, to keep track of expense over time.

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Extended Client information

After a client record has been added, users can now add much more information about this client from the extended client screen.

Clients > Click Client Name (this will take you to the extended client screen)

PHP 7 Rewrite

A large rewrite has taken place to re-engineer the code to adhere to the new PHP7 codebase, this ensures continued use and functionality of WAMfolio.

New security measures are in place and features have totally been rewritten for both speed and optimisation.

Reporting Rewrite

The template for the reporting section has now been rewritten to be more user friendly, now uses a tabbed template.


Notable bugs Fixed

  • Login Errors – Fixed a php error bug which saw the login screen error when failed login/not loaded correctly on some logins.
  • Static Renewal – Fixed a bug in which next due renewals were wrong for static records
  • Edit Expense Totals – Edit expense costs total would not total correctly, this has now been fixed