WAMfolio Release


WAMfolio release brings website asset management to a whole new level with the integration of Google Adsense data, this allows you to fully understand exactly how well your domains are doing vs expenditure. also rolls out a number of features and tweaks that greatly improve the whole system.

Google Adsense Integration

Using our Google Adsense data import tool you can import all of your accounts data into WAMfolio system.

This is then used across the system for reporting and tracking.


Example Adsense data

Above is an example import (dummy data + domain) as you can see the tool even displays a useful 1-28day overview.

The domain records table also includes a dynamic profit column, for a clearer indication of year to year profit vs expense management.

Automatic updatesupdater

We have included an automated updater system inside WAMfolio, which now means you get the latest updates directly as soon as they are released.


Security Tweaks

The has been some additional security adjustmentsNew Login to the security log this has been tweaked to include more information, as well as recording more.

We have added the option to display an optional private system message on the login to deter people and make clear the system is private.

The has been many security tweaks across the whole system.





Release notes