Expense Management

Built into WAMfolio is an expense management section, this allows you to Easily keep track of your expenses such as hosting, domain renewals or one of costs. WAMfolio allows the tracking and assigning of these expenses to the asset. e.g Domain Renewal to a Domain in the system:


Domain Renewal Expense Example (press for full image size)


All Expenses entered into the system will be tracked and linked up via the expense table, which can be viewed, edited or even exported at anytime.


The Data from this expense will then be used across the system linked to that asset, so you can see exactly how much or how little that is costing you. In the example above i have assigned a domain renewal expense against mydomain.com this expense has been reflected on the domain records table (below)

The data has also been adjusted into the P/L (Profit – Loss) column so now you can track total P/L of an asset including any costs that occur over time.