WAMfolio Update


WAMfolio is the first automated update patch of the software which brings a couple of bug fixes and additions to the system.

Addition: Reporting Overview chart

  • Changed the chart on reporting overview to display profit and sales over 5 years

Bug Fix: Missing Adsense menu link

  • PDF reporting screen was missing the Adsense menu link

Addition: Updated Dashboard Chart

  • Updated dashboard doughnut chart to include static record data

Addition: Reporting Improvements

  • Reporting has been improved
    • Static Records report – profit column
    • Footer Overlay¬†Bug fix– on larger reports footer would merge with report content

Bug Fix: Q2 Profit Correction

  • Fixed a bug which displayed incorrect profit on Q2 of the Expense Vs Profit chart (Extended record)

Addition: Extended Domain Revenue %

  • Added % based performance indicated on the chart to compare vs previous year

To get this update go to Settings >Information > Updates